Magnifying glass

XD Design believes in thoughtful designs. That’s in our roots. Bringing everyday products to a higher level. Since the start of our design studio in Shanghai, we constantly made big steps forward. In 2006 we felt that a business gift could be much more than just an ordinary promotional item. It had to be a strong carrier of a company message. To achieve that idea we started our own design studio.

In a few years our studio became a reward winning studio. With 15 Red Dot Design awards and 2 Good Design awards, our business gifts were discovered by the retail market as well. The success of our first Kickstarter project in 2016, The Bobby anti-theft backpack, moved us more and more in the direction of the consumer market. More than ever, we felt that a clear focus would create even better products.

That’s where we are today. The start of a new era of XD Design, a pure consumer brand!